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Shengda Students Won the First Prize in 2022 Chinese College Students’ Sports Dance Competition


时间:2022-11-25    阅读次数: 责任编辑:顿雁峰

Shengda Sports Dance Major students participated in and won the First Prize in the 2022 Chinese College Students' Sports Dance (Group Dance) Competition!

  Sponsored by the Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC), 2022 Chinese College Students' Sports Dance (Group Dance) Online Competition ended successfully. This competition lasted five months since 2022   June. A total of 2230 students from 98 universities across the country participated. It is the largest and highest level group dance event in the history of Chinese college students' sports.

  After receiving the notice of the competition, School of Physical Education quickly set up a team to participate in the competition. The training team conducted strict and hard training four times a week. Through the efforts of teachers and students for two months, they finally completed the rehearsal of the group dance, successfully  recorded the competition video and submitted it to the organizing committee.

  As a national famous competition, 35 technical officials will be selected for this competition nationwide, including 5 international referees and 30 national referees. Through the judgment of the committee, the standard dance queue of Shengda won the first prize.

  As a highly integrated project of sports and art, Sports Dance plays a positive role in promoting the construction of campus culture. The First Prize won this time will also play a positive role in promoting the development  of Sports Dance Major in our school and improving the popularity of Shengda across the country.



Original News Link: https://www.shengda.edu.cn/info/1023/49538.htm


(Photos and artical by School of Physical Education , translated by Cui Dongli in the International Office)

▲Certificate of Achievement 1

▲Certificate of Achievement 2

▲ Certificate of Achievement 3


▲ Certificate of Achievement 4

▲Photo 1 of the Competition Scene

▲Photo 2 of the Competition Scene





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