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Distance Can’t Keep Us Apart, Greetings from Our Foreign Teachers


时间:2020-03-02    阅读次数: 责任编辑:顿雁峰

As we all know,COVID-19 spreads from Wuhan to the whole country. We have to stay at home and cannot come back to our school now. For this sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the whole country is doing its best to fight the battle together. We are in the same word. Sometimes words are like a lamp. Our school’s foreign teachers also send their care and attention to our students. They are using their words to convey power.

Rosa:To my wonderful Students at Shengda, our term starts with some delay because of COVID-19 but I know without a doubt this virus cannot beat us. If there is one thing I have learned from my 6 short months in China it is that it’ s people are strong and resilient; ready to win against any adversity and move on to better things in the future. I count myself extremely luck to have been a teacher at Shengda and to have experienced the love and dedication of my students towards myself and the English language.

I know without a doubt that soon enough I will be able to sit in English Corner with you all and hear stories of your spring break the challenges and the victories and how many new foods you’ve learned to make!; for now stay safe and do well in your classes! I am coming back and I cannot wait until I can sit and have endless conversation with you I miss you all so much! Let’s look forward for the new semester together!!

Tammy: If you, like me, have had the opportunity to live and work in China you fondly recall its culture. A rich culture that is sure to make a foreigner wonder but no doubt admire. Beyond the culture though, there is no denying that the people of China have a special bond. A bond that is hard to penetrate and if somehow broken is quickly rebuilt.

Those at Zhengzhou Shengda University share a similar bond. The instilled discipline of the students, dedication of the staff/teachers and the vision of the founders contributes to a unified school body. As an English teacher I have become a part of this close-knit community at Shengda. It became 'a home away from home'. From the sunny shores of Barbados to the vast mountains of China; I still feel the connection. Although many of you are spending the holidays inside your homes, remember the halls of Shengda await you. Remember the excitement of university life - making new friends, riding your bikes to classes, rushing to the canteen when the bell rings, drinking your favorite tea, learning English! Keep that strong bond, stay safe and keep hope alive. You are loved!



Jerry: In my high school English class, we had to learn about a variety of famous quotes that were spoken by a variety of famous leaders. Our most recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has reminded me of one particular famous quote by former United States president - Mr. John F. Kennedy. During his inaugural address to the public he said … " Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. " And although these words were spoken in the United States, to be heard by a crowd of American people, I can really feel and see how these words are also being applied in China, and to everyone who is now living in China, during this

difficult time of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. And I believe that in the days, weeks, and months to come, we can and will win the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

My wish to all of my students is that they continue to do their part to ensure their health and safety. Please try to remain calm and relaxed. As more time passes, the safer our campus, environment and world will be. Take care everyone and I hope to see you soon.


Mark: My heart goes out to the people I know and those I have never met for the strength of character shown during these past several weeks, words cannot express my feeling of gratitude to my school for the guidance, care and concern given to me as I am living on campus. Everything I need to know about how to stay safe and healthy has been provided. I realize more every day how lucky and blessed I am to live and work in this great nation.

Although staying at home is boring, it is easier to endure by knowing we are all in this together and soon things will be better. How I miss my students laughter and smiles and look forward to welcoming them back to class with the blooming flowers of Spring......until then let us all keep fighting the good fight!!

Ava: Stay strong China, stay strong Henan, stay strong Zhengzhou and stay strong Shengda University. This Epidemic will be over very soon. We are stronger than COVID-19, we will fight this together and we will win. Very soon we will return to our normal lives. I miss my school family so much. To all students remember you are brave, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are smart and you are loved.Don’t forget to use this free time widely to improve on your oral English. I love you all and see you soon .

Caroline: To all my students and colleagues at Shengda University I hope all of you are safe and healthy. I am looking forward to my return to the University and I can’t wait to see you all. I have missed our English Corner talks , and the interactions we have in our day-to day classes. China is a beautiful place, its people are strong, and that strength has been seen by everyone throughout the world. It is inspiring to see all the hard work and sacrifices being made to win the battle against COVID-19. I hope all of you are using the time to study and improve your English. I will see all you guys soon. Stay strong, stay positive.

Rebekah: Who could have imagined, when we said our farewells to friends and classmates at the end of the semester, and as we got ready to spend time with our families to celebrate the holiday seasons together, that the coronavirus outbreak would be around the corner to hit China so hard? Who could have imagined that our time in our hometowns would be prolonged, almost as though things had been put on pause? Who could have imagine that something so small as this virus, could affect our lives so much?

With all this uncertainty and despair around us, I see us all a group of people that will not be knocked down, a group of people who despite the setbacks will continue to run and go forward and a group of people that continue to be united.

I believe it won’t be long till China will overcome the coronavirus, things will get back to normal and we can see each other again! I am looking forward to that day! And in the meantime, I hope that your online studies go well and that you can use your time well each day!

Winter will finally pass, and spring will come. We believe, in our joint efforts, the virus will be defeated, and we will return to our Shengda campus as soon as possible.


(Photos are by Foreign Teachers; Article is by Cui Dongli in the International Office.)

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