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Job Opportunities

Positions: Full-time English Teachers
Vacancies: 5
Age: 23 to 59
Language Requirements: Native English speakers from the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand preferred
Education: Bachelor’s degree required; TESOL/TEFL certification required unless you have a Bachelor's degree in either Education or English
Major: English (English Linguistics or English/American Literature), Education, History or Business Majors preferred; all other Majors considered on an individual basis
Work experience: Two years of teaching experience preferred
Contract Duration:
   · One-Year Contract 
Departments: English teachers teach students from all Departments, but any matters regarding teaching, classes and schedules are handled by Foreign Language School
Courses Taught: Oral English
Class Sizes: For Oral classes, 30 or fewer students
18 average teaching hours per week (nine 2-hour lessons) with the possibility of working more hours with overtime pay; plus 2 additional contact hours per week completed in English corner
Facilities: All classrooms are equipped with desks for students, a podium for the Teacher, a chalkboard, chalk, erasers, fans and heating
English Corner:English Corner is a café style facility located in the English Department available for all students to practice English every weekday afternoon. All foreign teachers are encouraged to come and speak to students in a relaxed, informal environment. Materials available to students include games, books, magazines and movies in English
Monthly salary in RMB: Salary will depend on relevant qualifications and teaching experience. It will be in the range of 8000 to 12000 RMB per month, plus free furnished accommodation and bills (except telephone)
Flight Reimbursement: The School will only reimburse a full ticket that covers a reasonable amount of time necessary to get from your point of origin to Zhengzhou. This excludes day-long or multiple day layovers in other cities
   · For the One-Year Contract - Upon arrival, the school will reimburse the price of the ticket for the inbound flight to China. On completion of the contract, the school will pay for your return ticket on your outbound flight from China
Paid Holiday/Vacation: 6 traditional Chinese holidays throughout the school year, 3 in each the Fall and Spring Semesters; 4-6 weeks during the Spring Holiday in January/February
Annual Bonus:
For the one-year contract only, a 1500 RMB vacation subsidy will be given for the Winter Vacation. If the contract is renewed for a second year, an additional 1500 RMB vacation subsidy will be given for the Summer Vacation
All foreign teachers reside on Campus in the newly built Foreign Teachers Building. All apartments come fully furnished with a full sized bed, linens, fully equipped kitchen (includes electric burner, microwave, refrigerator, wok and pot with vegetable steamer), private bathroom with Western style toilet and shower, desk, table, chairs, wardrobe, end tables, A/C, heater, TV and washing machine. All bills are included(except telephone). All apartments have free internet access. You are welcomed to bring your own computer for home and work use.
   · Singles Apartments: studio/bed-sit style apartment
   · Couples Apartments: one-bedroom apartment with separate study and living room
    In addition to your own personal living space, the Foreign Teachers Building provides, for all Foreign Teachers, an internet café, fully equipped gym, game room with a pool table and a ping-pong table, 2 Movie Rooms with DVD players, big screen TV, surround sound and seating for 40. There is also a Common Room available for meetings or gatherings with tables, chairs, and a small kitchen area.
Location: Shengda College is located in Long Hu Town, 45 minutes south of Zhengzhou, Capital of Henan Province. Henan is traditionally considered to be the cradle of Chinese civilization and offers an affordable cost of living and an authentic Chinese experience.

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Address:  Zhengzhou Shengda University, No.1 Wenchang Road, Longhu Town, Xinzheng, Zhengzhou, Henan 451191, China

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